Ramen Bowl

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Who doesn't love a hot (or chilled if you prefer) bowl of noodles? Ramen, udon, soba ... yes please! This graphic representation of a Japanese noodle bowl is made with translucent and iridescent glass. It really comes to life hanging in a window with the sun shining through and casts some beautiful colourful shadows.

This is an inventory item and pieces will be shipped 1-2 business days after ordering.

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Aprx. 7.5"w x 8"h
19.05cm x 20.32cm

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Care Instructions:
Clean by wiping down with microfiber cloth. Do not use chemicals to clean as it may affect the patina. Be careful not to scratch the seams as this can mark and affect the patina. The solder seams can be polished with a finishing compound or polishing wax. Make sure to test on a small area that is not very visible before doing the whole thing to ensure the best results.

If using a suction cup - ensure it is well suctioned to the window to avoid the piece falling.

Please note that solder is used which contains lead. It is recommended to wash hands after handling and do not make contact with food.